Mar 15 2011

Money Making Guide: Kingdom of Miscellania

Posted by Maxwell K.

Hi, my name is Maxwell, and I’m excited to be blogging with “TRB”! My first article will be about one money making method… that’s easier than nomming on food!

To get to Miscellania, you can either: Take a boat from Rellekka, or teleport using your Ring of Wealth, take a mine cart, or use a fairy ring (code C-I-P).

The first step is to complete the quest: Throne of Miscellania. It is a rather easy and quick quest. To start it, you need to speak to King Vargas in Miscellania. To complete the quest you will need: about 45gp, an Iron Bar, some Logs, a  pickaxe, a woodcutting axe, harpoon and lobster pot, and a Ring with a gem in it. Male characters will need Flowers, and a Bow. Female characters will need a Cake. (Information from Sal’s Realm) This quest will unlock the kingdom feature.

Additionally, it would be a very helpful if you completed the quest: Royal Trouble. To start this quest speak to Advisor Ghrim on the 2nd floor of the Miscellania castle. All you need to complete this quest is a pickaxe and 5 coal. You will need to defeat a level 149 sea snake (EASY; IF YOU THINK 149 IS HARD, IT’S MORE LIKE A LEVEL 90). The Sea Snake only uses melee. Bring an antipoision and food accordingly. When you finish this quest you get increased resources to use for your kingdom.

After you do those, you finally will have access to all of your kingdom. Before you start, I recommend getting 100% of the people’s approval. You can do this by chopping some maples, mining some coal, fishing, or farming outside the castle walls. You can find out your approval by talking to any NPC near each of the areas I mentioned.

So now, we can finally begin to set up our kingdom. Talk to Advisor Ghrim. Firstly, put money in your kingdom coffers. Every day is 75K, so I’d recommend putting at least 750K in your coffers. Secondly, you want to put your kingdom on the resources that are worth the most at the time. I always put all all on herbs (click the up arrows near the herb until the “meter” reaches to be full), and I put the rest on maples since they can have nice bird nest loots. Of course this is mainly subjective, but I’d do a little bit of research so you can get the most money out of this. When you wish to collect your kingdom, just get your approval back to 100% and go back to Advisor Ghrim and ask him to collect your kingdom.

The kingdom is definitely chance. Some weeks you may have an amazing profit, and other maybe your record lows. I leave my kingdom out for 30 days, and I get a nice profit.

Thanks to my clan, Avon, for helping me with some of this info, and thanks to my friend Emily who suggested  this topic for me and proofread this. BTW if you’re looking to make some real money you might want to check out the trading forums at EpicNPC. If you have any comments, feedback, or questions feel free to leave a comment.

-Maxwell K.

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Feb 01 2011

Wilderness and Free Trade Return to Runescape

Posted by mike


Runescape players have asked for it and today free trade and the wilderness have returned to Runescape.  Aside from that other changes have been introduces such as new crafting methods, some graphical reworking and drop changes.  Read the full press release below.

The first update this month will see the return of the Wilderness and free trade. There has been a huge referendum where over 1.2 million players voted, 91% of whom were in favour of the return of the Wilderness and free trade. What does this mean? Well, in a nutshell, it means that players will soon be able to give gifts to their friends, have access to unrestricted trade, and take part in the most dangerous sport in the whole of RuneScape: Wildy PKing!Other changes brought in with the return of the Wilderness and free trade includes:

  • The new, revenant-filled Forinthry Dungeon, where the revenants drop all the unique PvP gear previously found on the PvP and Bounty Hunter Worlds.
  • Limitless staking for members.
  • Improved Chaos Elemental drops (and a chaotic new look).
  • Faster respawn times on the Wilderness runite rocks.
  • Unlimited party room drops.
  • Outside of the Wilderness, gravestones will have their timers increased, and repair/bless costs will be reduced to 0.

The Prisoner of Glouphrie and Gnome Graphical Rework

February also sees a graphical update to the gnomes. With new chat heads, models and even new statues, the gnomes can once again stand proud as one of the best looking races in the MMORPG game. And what better way to showcase these new graphics than with a sequel to our gnome storyline…The Prisoner of Glouphrie.

Put your Agility, Thieving, Construction and Runecrafting (60+) levels to the test in this most gnomic of adventures. Complex puzzles with generous XP rewards and additions to the glider network await as you explore the fabled city for the one gnome who can reveal it to the world! High-level farmers will also be pleased to hear that completing the quest will give access to a new spirit tree patch and faster access to LLetya.

Pottery Update and New Crafting Methods

Later this month, we plan to reshape the way that pottery works within RuneScape. We’ll be streamlining the process of using the pottery wheels and making the entire process far more accessible and rewarding, giving players other options to raise their Crafting level.

Demon Ashes

We’re also planning to change the 100% ashes drop from demons to work more like standard bones. All monsters that used to drop ‘ashes’ will drop a new type of ash; depending on the order of demon, these will be impious (imps and fiends), accursed (lesser and greater) or infernal ashes (black, abyssal and tormented demons, nechryaels, and most boss demons). These new ashes can either be scattered for XP (just like burying bones), or you can take them to the Ectofuntus for bonus XP (where they will not require grinding or to be put in a pot; just add ectoplasm).

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Dec 21 2010

How to Remove Recoveries on Runescape

Posted by mike

This guide will cover how to remove recoveries instantly (useful when selling accounts)

First; the players that are reading this blog may find themselves in a situation in which they are looking to sell their runescape account. The prerequisite to sell runescape account is to have no pending recoveries. Below are the steps that are to be followed enabling instant removal of recoveries.

First Step: go to the recovery page and click the ‘recover stolen password.

Second Step: Put the details of your runescape account in the appropriate fields. Essentially any details required to recover the account.

Third Step: When the account gets recovered which takes between 1-30 minutes, depending you will have your account back without any recovery questions.
That’s it!

Now someone can purchase your Runescape accounts without any problems.

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Dec 03 2010

How to get Good Loot in Bounty Hunter/PVP Worlds

Posted by mike

This Guide offers the following

  • How to maximise loot potential.
  • How to do PVP tricks that return good amounts of money.
  • How PVP tricks can act as a transfer method.
  • A good technique on gaining effort points.

To Get effort Points you must first have a risk on your character. In P2P this risk needs to be above 76k, and in F2P it needs to be above 26k.

How to maximise loot potential:

First and for most Effort Points. Effort Points contribute to the chance of receiving good loot player killing (PKing) with more than 30% effort points can be advised. Now often people say, well EP is hard to get, you’re constantly watching the screen to ensure you have not died and lost your 26-76k risk, however, today I am going to show you a technique which is going to end this particular issue.  AFK EPing has never been easier follow the following steps

  • Go to the GE buy a wizard trimmed top.
  • Also buy black knifes
  • Go to a +1 bounty hunter world.
  • Place yourself in a position that cannot be hit by ice barrage or other long distant spells.
  • Set your character to auto attack, equip the knifes.
Now you’re probably wondering what will this do.  When a player comes to attack you, when your away from your key board, your character will throw the knife, which ordinarily would hold over the Wizard Trimmed top, this means for the time you had been EPing you had been EPing with a risk, but when you throw that knife and die in a bounty + 1 world you will keep the top – Good Game EP hunters.
Drop Potential: Often people state, well if I have a high EP, I will ultimately get more loot. I’m here to tell you EP is only 50% of the component taken into account when receiving loot. There is a hidden little thing known as ‘DP’ or Drop potential. Essentially Drop potential measures the following thing and gives loot accordingly
  • Total Risk
  • How many deaths have you endured and what have been the loses
  • Is the person killed on your friends list?
  • Did the person that was killed recently kill you?

Based on the above information, loot is distributed, hence, if you look at this criteria and twink it for when you do the PVP tricks discussed at the bottom you should maximise loot.

Player Versus Player Tricks

I’m sure all of us have seen players purposefully allowing themselves to die to another person in a ‘PVP trick’ then allowing the friend to then kill them. This doesn’t get good loot as when you kill the other person you simply get a revenge kill. So the person who gets the first kill wins, but the other person has basically wasted his/her money. What I would suggest doing is getting 3 individuals and tricking as follows: Player one kills player 2, player 3 Kills player 3, player 3 kills player one and enjoy your revenge free loot

Using PvP tricks as an unpredictable trade method:

If you have one account you haven’t used in years I suggest doing this in order to gain some wealth. First, ensure your EP is at 90% +.  Get your other account, with their total wealth, buy any of the following items

  • Whip
  • Dragon Claws
  • Dragon Boots
  • Rune items
  • God Amours

Take them to the wilderness, with full food, potions and everything. Create a staged fight, where one character over eats to the point it causes them to lose, and you rig the fight. This will enable you to get reasonable loot from them. For a more detailed guide on using this as a transfer method contact.

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Nov 08 2010

Runescape Pure PKer Guide

Posted by mike

This Runescape guide will cover how to build a real pure in 3 months:

This guide will explore the following:

  • Part 1 will go through: How to make a real PKER that will become your new toy in destroying people in the wilderness.
  • Part 2 will go through How to use bots to create an amazing pure Runescape account.
  • Part 3 How to get good drops in bounty/PVP worlds.

First off, when we think about pure’s we often need to contemplate what sort of pure do we want? Do we want a pure strength, range or mage? The truth is modern day Player Killers (PKers) are hybrids.  In today’s pking Tribirds, dominate. Now why you may ask do you need 3 stats to player kill? Well first off, mage acts as what I would call an ‘aider’ it cannot be used by itself. Pure mages are the weakest of the 3 combat trees. No mage pure can get consistent kills. Range is a great skill to have however; it isn’t reliable in getting the high numbers when you need them. For instance you can’t decide to hit high with your crossbow when you want to & in free to play pking, range hits a maximum of around 19, this means that getting a kill is extremely hard. Strength, great overall stat, however, isn’t nearly as quick as range, but has an efficient spec.  When you combine the combination of these stats you get an amazing pker.

Free to Play Best composition: For free to play, the best pures are those that have high range, preferably 99, and high strength. The speed of each range attack is approximately .25 Seconds, if you time the range attack so just as your about to range you use the rune 2 hander you should get a double shock hit. Distancing yourself from the opponent when you hit enables you to do this with ease. F2P ranges/Strengthers dominate regardless of your combat level. Using range by itself will not get consistent kills and relies heavily on luck.

Pay to Play Best compositions: P2P is an interesting one as there are so many different compositions. Turmoil prayer pures with 45 defence (Turmoil Zerkers) tend to dominate the higher levels. Range tankers with 99 range/99 defence and 94 mage  + also do extremely well, however, whenever most people come across a range tanker they will just refuse to fight them, as the chance of a K0 is minimal. This works both ways as the range tanks don’t die often, they don’t get nearly as much kills as say an AGS pure. For the lower levels D Clawer’s are the best in all honesty. Often people argue 75 attack, AGS pures dominate, however, in all my experience this has not been the case. It is the pures with 99 range, strength, 80ish Hp, Barrage and 60 attack that dominate their level tier

The images to the left represent:
The first one is an ideal F2P and P2P RS accounts if you want to only specialise in one combat tree.

The second represents a reasonably good hybrid with telly block ideal for rushing.
Tips in Pay to Pay Pking:

  • Wear a phoenix necklace to minimize the destructive power of D claws.
  • Have quick prays set to increasing defence by the maximum of your prayer and protection from melee/range
  • Don’t wait around the wilderness.
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